Steve Brand - The Quiver Of Dreams (CDR by X-ZF)
Wander - Wander (CDR by X-ZF)
from Vital Weekly #414 Week 11 (10/3/04)
reviews by: Frans de Waard & Meelkop Roel

STEVE BRAND - THE QUIVER OF DREAMS (CDR by XZF) Maybe the name Steve Brand doesn't ring the same bell as the one used in the first track of his release, but maybe if you know that Steve Brand is the same person who recorded before under the name Augur, things fall in it's place. Augur has had releases on XZF, Alluvial and A Pyrrhic Victory, to name but a few. Steve dropped the name Augur and now works under his own name. Steve plays traditional instruments, but also objects which he scratches, rubs and puts through effect boxes. And if that's not enough he adds field recordings, such as in 'Gardner', which uses a lot of insect like sounds. It seems to me that Steve has moved on from his previous Augur recordings and that he has opened his sound and moves away from the drone related material. Only a piece like 'Deep In The Dirt' has traces of the old Augur style. Quite an enjoyable release here, except for the piece called 'No Music', which sound like recorded on a piece of wobbly tape and falls out of place with the other, much nicer tunes. (FdW)

After Beequeen's transformation into a more pop oriented project, it seems that Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar started missing the long drone pieces that they used in Beequeen. Ergo: Wander. Wander can be described as a completely stripped down version of the earlier Beequeen, it's only the drones and nothing else, mostly from organ or harmonium sounds, maybe a synth here and there. Both pieces of these discs are one track without much development, the sounds getting denser here and there, or other sounds slowly added. We hear a long track of the same sound origin, somewhere in the high mid frequencies. Only after about half an hour another sound is added: a glissando going up and down. This is nothing spectacular and of course that is exactly the goal. It's not the music that changes much, it's the expectation of the listener. (MR)

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