Wander - Wander & Steve Brand - The Quiver Of Dreams
reviews by: Jeremy Keens

Wander arrived from The Label (XZF08 www.the-label-xzf.net) which I learn from the web is Beequeen's (yes, de Waard again) drone project aiming to put out a release in every format. This is a 60 minute organ drone that shimmers pulses tweaks mesmerises and indulges as the minimal variations take on significant features as you are immersed into its magnitude. May bore the pants off some, but for those with a penchant for the genre (think jliat, radigue etc etc) this is a wonder.

Another from The Label ­ Steve Brand The Quiver Of Dreams (XZF09). In 2001_06 I reviewed an Augur release, him that was Steve Brand. That explored memory, while this is in a different direction. After 'An invitation' of layered reverberating bells, pulsing resonances, building with an undertone, we move straight into 'One question that can never be answered' which gradually emerges. A horny scraping ­ what is it?? ­ builds, hissing buzzing whipporwills bowing. Edgy and insistent, harsh but with perhaps singing in, it pulses out and softens, like a dirty but enticing version of the gongs. More laid back, 'Gardener' is like an ideal, virtual garden as insects birds and animals call, occasional blown didge-tube, shakers and whistles hinting at a native presence. The title track has a toy (or so recorded) piano plinky close miked combining rhythmic and melodic elements without playing a tune: a buzz crackle develops, possible hit guitar, building, spatters overlay, a metal wind; then winding back to the piano. A mysterious ceremony with 'No music' clicks whistles clacks are echoed, a crying and seeming voice calls, all quite woozy and building; the 'Deep in the dirt' is again an invocation with soft washing pulses, shimmering metal, puffed bamboo, more voices, a simpler and long wandering. The ceremonies close 'In time' with simple tinkling chimes, a horn drones and calls, echoed with more gongs. The overall mood is of a natural spirituality ­ a movement from the darker 'Question' through to the final closure. The changing moods and textures surprising and satisfying.

from & notes 5_2004 (12/04/04)

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